Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deep Assumptions

If god exists, why do we have science to prove against it?
What makes humans different from animals?
Are we different at all?
Do we live sheerly off instincts, or do we have a great soul that causes us to make decisions?
If we don't have a soul, then why are we driven to survive?
Is it our just our animal instincts or something deeper?
If we only live off instincts, why do we care about other individuals?
Shouldn't we be driven towards that what gives us survival, rather than clinging to religion?
What is the purpose of our existence?


  1. Just my take

    Science doesn't prove against it, just doesn't need it.
    We're more intelligent.
    We're better at what we do, they are better at other things.
    Science determines what we do :P
    Social construct.
    It's beneficial for the society.
    There is no purpose.

  2. I feel a lot of these things have to do with the evolutionary imperative to be at the top of whatever ecologocial food web you're a part of. Such as our dominance over animals, once you've evolved to the point where survival is a gaurantee (at least compared to other animals) a being becomes free to evolve beyond the need for base survival.

  3. We're definately just animals imo

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  5. thats some deep shit:), we should have a coffee in the morning together to discuss

  6. If I knew the answer to all these questions I wouldn't have to slave for the most evil corporation on earth to eek out my meager wages. All EXCELLENT questions though.

  7. well i've kinda out this into subjective terms, outside my own perspective.. here is what i beleive... i dont believe in a god although there is a higher power but he is not a man.... could be love could be an omnipotent super mind conplex.

    society can be quantized through social groups, by using system theory or even chaos theory... tracking trends in measureable concepts to distinguish certain functions

    i think We are at a period where we seemingly have stagnated in development we have no direction for getting outside of the material grip society has

    the meaning of life is to give life meaning

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